September 17, 2006

President Vance Harris called the quarterly meeting of the board of A-1 Officials Association to order at 5:05.
In attendance were Vance Harris, Brian Corder, Stan Dunayer, George Hutchins, Mike Orr, R.J. Dyett, Alan Hannah, Steve Williamson, Martha Hannah, Chip Patrick, and Gary Wheeler.

Treasurer’s Report
First the report from the annual meeting was accepted.
Gary reported that all was well from the latest information up to the 11th of July.
Motion accepted all present showed hands to accept.

Division Reports
Ed Cobb reported all is going fine. He let the board know that being paid every 2 weeks was not going as planned. All was in the process of being resolved

Chip Patrick reported that training was started, schedules are being put together. Trying to get new officials was a must, getting some new bodies.

Supervisor, Mike Orr has met with his umpires. He is working on training, and meeting spots for newer officials and reviewing for the vets.

No one present

Supervisor, Stan Dunayer is in the process of lining up schedules with the Athletic Directors to not line up junior varsity and varsity games at the same time. This was a concern to have enough officials to cover all games.

Notes from the President
Supervisors need to run there own part of the web-site.
No one is to get a game until dues are paid.
Officials need to pay Supervisor or Gary.
Division elections need to be done within 30 days of the last game scheduled.
Changed February 4th meeting to February 11th because of super bowl.
-Tabled 2yr. or 1yr. term of supervisors and assigners.

Old Business
Resignation of a board member.
Division: President appoints supervisor, supervisor picks assigner to fill rest of year.
-Motion- Executive Board: If someone resigns in the executive board the president appoints someone to fill that position. Should the President throne open up, then vice president will step in and fill in remainder of term. Vice President Position will be vacant until next annual board meeting.
Ed, 2nd Gary, voted unanimous, to be voted on at annual meeting
Amendment to the by-laws. Amendment to be updated at a later time.

-Motion– Ed, 2nd Gary, Discussion
When to start on 2 year terms for Supervisors and Assigners for start of 2007-2008 season.
-Motion- Tabled by Mike, 2nd by Chip

New Business
Proposal to add an Arbiter Administrator.
Purpose of Administrator is help in all five sports. This position will help with pay sheets, billing assigning, and payroll. This will simplify and streamline operations from Arbiter to the schools and to the association.
-Motion- To ad Arbiter Administrator, Ed, 2nd Martha, vote-unanimous
-Motion, to pay administrator from $150.00 that each school gives to each sport.
Ed, 2nd by Martha, vote-10 yes, 1 abstained
-Motion, breakdown of pay of $150.00, $125.00 to treasurer, 25.00 to administrator, per school, per sport. Making this is a 1 year trial position.
Chip, 2nd by Alan, vote- 7 yes, 3 no, 1 abstained

-Motion to Adjourn
Stan, 2nd by Chip


Our association is sanctioned by the Florida High School Athletic Association, the governing body for interscholastic athletics.

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