A-1 Association Board Meeting

August 24, 2008 3:00 to 4:10 p.m.

Roll call- All Executive and General Board Members present.

President Greene opened the meeting at 3:00PM. He introduced Past Board Member, Gary Wheeler. Wheeler apprised the Board of his new venture, Flagler Sports News.com.

He is the owner and chief financier of this venture. FSN.com is a location where one can go to find the up to date information on Flagler county sports information. Wheeler was seeking the participation of A-1 by requesting that A-1 post their logo on the web site. This would give instant access to A-1’s web site with the click of a mouse. Wheeler agreed that there would be no cost to A-1 for one year.  A motion was set forth and seconded from the floor to post our logo on the FSN.com web site free for one year. A show of hands was in favor. President Greene advised that he would handle the authorization with Wheeler.

Minutes of modified meeting minutes from the June 29, 2008 Board Meeting were presented and approved

President Greene called for the resumption of any old business. K. Hannah advised the Board that therecould be none to conclude as there was no carryover from the last meeting.

Treasurer's Report
Treasurer, Bob Devereux presented the Board with the most up-to-date financial information. The Board approved and accepted the report, as presented.
Divisions Reports
Assigner, Steve Williamson reported that due to weather problem their State clinic was postponed to the next weekend.

K. Hannah submitted the Spring Softball meeting schedule to the president. She discussed the FHSAA softball field clinic scheduled for Jan 24, 2009 that we will host and that coordination with baseball to eliminate any conflicts has been done. K. Hannah also presented her off-season field training at Daytona State.

Supervisor, Alberto Tineo reported on the State clinic held by his Division on August 23 and 24.

Supervisor, Mike Orr reported that the Baseball State clinic has been finalized.

Supervisor, Chip Patrick reported that registration is progressing and his group is presently working with Port Orange PAL.

Old Business
No old business
New Business
JLA- Topic leader George Hutchins spoke briefly about JLA and put forth a two part motion to the floor. 1. That we continue with the line of sight procedure for the remainder of this school year. 2. That level 2 screening be required for all officials that will register for next year. The motion was defeated by a 9 to 4 vote. The present line of sight requirements will still be used.


Secretary, Vance Harris agreed to handle arrangement for the annual General Membership meeting. The date for said meeting is still open at this time.

Minutes prepared and presented for approval by Secretary, Vance Harris

Minutes accepted by Board September 17, 2008

Meeting adjourned at 4:10PM.



Our association is sanctioned by the Florida High School Athletic Association, the governing body for interscholastic athletics.

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