First Quarterly Meeting — July 31, 2005

President Steve Bruno called a quarterly meeting of the Executive and General Board members to order at 3:00 p.m. Sunday, July 31, 2005. The meeting was held at his home.

This was the first quarterly meeting of the 2005-06 school term.

In attendance were Executive Board members: Steve Bruno, Martha Hannah, Vance Harris and Gary Wheeler. General Board members: Chip Patrick, Alan Hannah, Toni Robinette, Steve Williamson, Stan Dunayer, Robert Van Slyke, Mike Orr, Richard Kowalewski and John Lavin.

Past Secretary, Rich Kowalewski read the meeting minutes for the fourth quarter meeting. They were approved and accepted to record. He also read the meeting minutes for the General Election meeting. They were also approved and accepted to record.

Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer, Gary Wheeler presented no formal financial report for record. He advised all that he would produce and present a final report for the 2004-05 school term at the second quarterly meeting. He also discussed the status of the school contracts for the new school year.

Old Business
John Lavin apprised the group of the progress of research into a web site for A-1. It was determined that web master, Bill Purtil, builder of the MCOA web site was favorable and it was recommended that the group use him. The motion to use him was brought to the floor. A hand vote was cast. The result to choose him was unanimous.

Robert Van Slyke confirmed his loyalty to A-1 after some discussion about elected officers working for other associations in their elected sport. It was determined by President Bruno that he did not want to see a conflict of interest by any elected officer, of any sport in this regard. The final resolve was that no elected Executive Officer of A-1 will accept assignments, in any of our five sports, from any competitive association. Furthermore, no elected Division Officer will accept assignments from any competitive association in the sport in which he/she was elected to hold office. The statement by President Bruno ended the discussion and no further actions ensued.

The Jessica Lunsford Act was discussed at length. In as much as it has just been handed down to the common folk, there is no certainty, at this time, what actions must be taken by our group. There also is no procedure outlined yet that gives instructions for testing and certification. All present felt that it will have a great impact on our group. Many questions still must be answered.

New Business
President, Bruno requested that all contact information for all Board members be updated and distributed to the Board members and school Athletic Directors. Secretary, Harris will fulfill this request.

Alan Hannah requested changes to the pay period frequency for Basketball. Volleyball Officer, Steve Williamson also expressed similar concerns. Treasurer, Gary Wheeler agreed to have two payroll periods plus a final payroll for post-season games. This format will be enacted for all sports.

This meeting was brought to conclusion at 4:55 p.m. at the request of President, Bruno and seconded by many members.

These minutes were prepared and respectfully submitted by Secretary, Vance A. Harris, Sr. Audio support of this information can be found on the cassette tape of the aforementioned meeting.

Minutes accepted by the Board Of Directors November 20, 2005.


Our association is sanctioned by the Florida High School Athletic Association, the governing body for interscholastic athletics.

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