Annual Elections and Year End Meeing — June 28, 2005

The Annual General Meeting of the A-1 Officials Association came to order at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 28, 2005 when Association President Steve Bruno called the meeting to order.

Board Members present were Steve Bruno, Ed Divish, Gary Wheeler, Rich Kowalewski, Mike Orr, John Lavin, Robert Van Slyke, Steve Williamson, Chip Patrick, and Alan Hannah.

President’s Address
President Steve Bruno welcomed the membership to the annual meeting. He then began to speak of the need to increase our level of professionalism, the thought behind a name change for the organization, and other issues.

A significant issue presented to the membership was the impact of the Jessica Lunsford act on the officiating committee. President Bruno said he will keep us all advised on the progress of this issue.

Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer Gary Wheeler gave information concerning the general state of finances and contracts.

He also led the effort in presenting modifications of the by-laws to the general membership. These modifications were accepted through acclamation by the membership.

Divisional Reports
John Lavin reported that the football division was getting ready to kick off. The training and meeting schedules are completed. Football presented awards to their membership at their end of season election meeting.

Softball reported that they had a successful year and sent a crew to the State Finals again.

The baseball division presented some awards and announced that several crews made State playoff appearances.

Chip Patrick, Supervisor of Officials, Basketball Division, presented several awards, and created an annual award named after Eric Lewis, an A-1 official who now officiates in the NBA.

Steve Williamson, Volleyball, stated that they had a good season and sent a crew to the state playoffs for the 10th straight year. Volleyball also presented several awards to deserving officials.

Elections were held to the terms just approved by the general membership, i.e. President and Secretary – 1 year terms, Vice President and Treasurer – 2 year terms.

At next year’s annual meeting, the posts of President and Secretary will be elected to 2 year terms.

The results of this year’s elections were:

President – Steve Bruno
Vice President – Martha Hannah
Secretary – Vance Harris
Treasurer – Gary Wheeler

President Bruno adjourned the meeting at approximately 8:10 p.m.

Minutes prepared by Richard Kowalewski, Assignment Officer, Football Division
Minutes retyped for posting on web site by Vance Harris, Secretary.


Our association is sanctioned by the Florida High School Athletic Association, the governing body for interscholastic athletics.

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