5 April, 2010

Purpose: Fourth Quarterly Meeting for 2009-10 School year

Meeting called to order by President, Martha Hannah at 6:00 PM.

Roll Call
All Board members were present except Softball Supervisor, Van Vitale. He was unexcused.  Football Supervisor, Alberto Tineo was excused.

Treasurer’s Report
Bob Devereux informed the Board of present balances and reviewed some outstanding receivables for possible future action. Advised Board of pay cut successes. Treasurer’s report was accepted as presented.

Divisional Reports
Baseball - Supervisor, Mike Orr and RJ Dyett reviewed the progress of the ongoing Baseball season.

Basketball - Supervisor, Chip Patrick advised the group that the Basketball season was the most successful season on record in A-1. He and Alan Hannah reviewed the playoff assignments and commented on the professionalism of the officials.

Football - Supervisor, Assigner, John Lavin reviewed the Flag Football season that is in progress.

Softball - Assigner, Alan Hannah requested that all officials use the “Sharing” function in Arbiter. He feels that it helps him very much in making assignments.

Volleyball - Assigner, Steve Williamson advised that there will be two schools fielding Boys’ Volleyball teams this Spring.

Old Business
Contract Chairman, Ed Cobb that the new contracts are not being returned to us as planned. He further stated that the present system is not working to our satisfaction and needs to be revamped. A few ideas were presented with nothing firmly put in place to resolve the issues at hand. The best idea was for the contracts to be hand presented to the ADs at the April ADs meeting, with a request that they be returned in one week.

By-Laws Revisions
Mike Orr reviewed the changes made to the current by-laws. They were accepted by the Board for presentation for membership ratification vote at our annual meeting on June 13.

New Business
President, Hannah requested that all Arbiter privileges be given to the Divisional Assigners. Arbiter Administrator, Vance Harris will handle the detail immediately.

Vice President, Rich Kowalewski agreed to chair the nominating committee for President and Secretary, whose chairs are up for election this year.

Softball and Basketball Assigner, Alan Hannah was delegated to chair the meeting committee for June 13.

Meeting was duly closed at 8:05 PM.

Minutes transcribed from live audio file by Vance A. Harris, Secretary.


Our association is sanctioned by the Florida High School Athletic Association, the governing body for interscholastic athletics.

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