December 10, 2006

Called to order at 5:02

Those in attendance were Kyle Davis, Mike Orr, R.J. Dyett, Ed Cobb, Steve Williamson, Alan Hannah, George Hutchins, Chip Patrick, Vance Harris, Brian Corder, those not in attendance were Rich Kowaleski, Martha Hannah, Stan Dunayer and Gary Wheeler.

- Minutes from last meeting were read by Brian Corder
- Treasurer's report was touched on by Vance in Gary's place
-Treasurer's report to be accepted at the next meeting

President's notes:

Vance talked about making sure that we are collecting dues from every official that is doing games for A-1. Chip and Alan both had issues with this because of the pro and collegiate officials that they are able to bring in for training and critiquing.

It was left up to each sport to do what they think needed to do, but the bottom line was to make sure guys and gals are paying there dues.

Each sport needs to make sure that officials are showing up on each sports muster sheet.

Officials still need to keep an eye on JLA, get there card or cards as some have received.


Chip said all is going well. There has been a lot of scratches, problem with block dates from officials.

All is well Ed reported. There was one crew that went to a state semifinal, they were Anna Cindric, Jim Lairnes and Steve Williamson.

Rich Kowaleski and Kyle Davis were re- elected. The division had 3 playoff crews go out for the 1st round and one 7 man crew for the 2nd round. Numbers are needed for the upcoming flag football season Kyle reported.

Mike said all the scheduling for the games is going smoothly into Arbiter. There is a good crop of new guys are this year. All is rounding into form.

George said all is well.

Old Business:
Tabled from previous, 2 year terms of supervisor and assignor positions.
-Tabled once again

New Business:
Discussion of recruiting new officials and making sure that in the future all officials should carry business cards to recruit new officials.

Motion to adjourn - George, 2nd Ed.


Our association is sanctioned by the Florida High School Athletic Association, the governing body for interscholastic athletics.

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