A-1 Officials Association Board Meeting
November 23, 2008 Started: 3:00, Adjourned 4:27

President Greene opened the meeting at 3:00 PM.

Roll Call: All present.

Minutes from the previous Special Board Meeting held on 17 September, 2008 were presented to the Board for approval by Secretary Harris. Approval was granted by the Board. Subject minutes are not to be posted on the internet, but are available for membership review upon request.
No time was allocated for the Secretary at this meeting.
Treasurer Bob Devereux advised all of the account balance. He reviewed outstanding accounts receivable with the respective Divisions. He requested a change in the procedures used by the Divisions when submitting pre-season invoicing to the schools. The Division leaders were asked to only request subject invoicing for schools that have posted complete schedules.
The Treasurer’s Report was accepted.

Football: Alberto Tineo and John Lavin reported another successful season. His annual plea for additional officials was verbally posted to the group.

Baseball: Mike Orr reviewed the plans for the upcoming State Clinic. Particulars were verbally posted for the Clinic as well as the upcoming training and meeting schedule for the Baseball Division.

Volleyball: Ed Cobb advised of a successfull season. The addition of new officials proved to be beneficial to the division this year. Everyone pulled their load to make it a great year for the Volleyball Division.

Softball: Kim Hannah updated the group with times and dates of upcoming events.

Basketball: Alan Hannah reviewed plans and forecast for the upcoming Basketball season. The Basketball State Clinic was praised by various Board Members who attended as officials.

Old Business
No old business was due to be concluded or discussed at this meeting.

New Business
Treasurer, Bob Devereux requested that those Divisions who require a biweekly pay cut have them prepared for payment at or close to the 15th and end of the month. This will assist him in working with the bank statements. All seemed to be agreeable in complying with his request. Arbiter Administrator, Vance Harris will work closely with the Divisions to comply as well.

President Greene advised of a meeting to be held with school administrators at Father Lopez on 1 December. The meeting topic will be to discuss past instances of unsportsmanlike behavior by coaches, players and fans at athletic events held at this school. Board Member, Mike Orr requested a full report on the meeting outcome be posted with all Board Members so that all sports will be aware of any results that may have an impact of their particular sport.

Meeting adjourned at 4:27 PM

Respectfully transcribed from live audio file recording of meeting by Secretary, Vance A. Harris.


Our association is sanctioned by the Florida High School Athletic Association, the governing body for interscholastic athletics.

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