Second Quarterly Meeting — November 20, 2005

The second quarterly meeting for A-1 Officials Association was convened on November 20, 2005 and called to order by President, Bruno at 1:05 pm. It was held at Simply Roses.

Executive Board members present were: Steve Bruno, Martha Hannah and Vance Harris. Treasurer, Gary Wheeler was ill and not present. General Board members present were: Chip Patrick, Alan Hannah, Toni Robinette, Steve Williamson, Stan Dunayer, Robert Van Slyke, Mike Orr and John Lavin. Kyle Davis and Rich Kowalewski were absent and excused.

Secretary Harris read the minutes of the July 31, 2005, 1st quarter meeting. They were accepted to record.

Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer Wheeler was absent. There was no financial report.

Old Business
No old business was discussed.

New Business
Jessica Lunsford Act
President, Bruno enlightened the Board on updates on this issue.

1. If an official is unable to pass the JLA screening, they are immediately no longer members of the FHSAA. An official may file a timely appeal. If the appeal is found in the official’s favor, the official will be reinstated with full membership privileges.

2. Group discussion on this subject ended with Toni Robinette’s motion, seconded by Steve Williamson as follows: If any A-1 member has been denied membership in the FHSAA due to JLA screening, they are immediately, temporarily suspended from A-1 Officials Association. They will remain under that status until the appeal process has been completed. Reinstatement or dismissal will be determined at that point. The motion passed by hand vote 7-

3. The A-1 portion for reimbursement for screening was briefly discussed but tabled for further discussion.

Robert Van Slyke Suspension
Robert Van Slyke’s apparent agenda to undermine Basketball Assignment Officer, Alan Hannah was presented to the Board for a hearing. Basketball Official, Jeff Hall assisted with first-handed input on this matter. Mr. Van Slyke was severely reprimanded by President Bruno for his continued disruption of peace amongst all the divisions he has worked in.

Seeking closure at this meeting, Van Slyke conceded to resign as official in the Basketball division if the suspension would be lifted. Supervisor, Patrick and Assigner, Hannah declined the offer and advised him that the suspension would be enforced.

Van Slyke was advised of the appellate procedures set forth in A-1’s by-laws and the issue was returned to the Basketball Division to handle to a conclusion.

Issues about voting concerns were discussed. A standardized voting procedure was suggested by Secretary, Harris. The procedure was documented and distributed to the members. President, Bruno asked the members to peruse the idea as presented and tabled the item for the future.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:18 pm.

Minutes prepared and presented by Vance A. Harris, Sr., November 28, 2005.


Our association is sanctioned by the Florida High School Athletic Association, the governing body for interscholastic athletics.

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