4 October, 2010

Purpose: Second Quarterly Meeting for 2010-11 School year

Meeting is called to Order by President Martha Hannah at 6:00 p.m. 

Roll Call:  Those in attendance are Martha Hannah, Richard Kowalewski, Robert Devereux, John Lavin,  Alan Hannah, Ed Cobb,  Chip Patrick , Alberto Tineo , Steve Williamson, Curt Baraco and R.J. Dyett.  Those not in attendance were Vance Harris.  It is mentioned that in the excused absence of A-1 Association Secretary Vance Harris that Vice President Richard Kowalewski would be recording meeting minutes and prepare them for record.

Treasurer's Report:  Treasurer Robert Devereux submitted an Aged Receivables Report, as well as an Account Reconciliation Report closing out the period to September 30, 2010. Treasurer's report was moved for acceptance by Alberto Tineo and seconded by Ed Cobb.  Voice vote accepted the report.

Secretary's Report:  Minutes from the first quarterly meeting was read into the record by Vice President Richard Kowalewski.  Move to accept minutes by Robert Devereux, seconded by Steve Williamson.  Voice vote accepted minutes

At this point, the meeting moved onto individual Division Reports.

Baseball:  Assignment Officer R.J. Dyett advised A BBQ was held on 10/3/10 for fellowship.  Baseball is off season.

Basketball:  Alan Hannah also advised that meetings were to begin shortly for Basketball as the season is quickly approaching.  Organizational meeting will be 10/11/10.  There was a discussion regarding whether officials who have A-1 as their secondary Association can vote in A-1 elections.  At the end of the discussion Bob Devereux  placed into consideration a Board Resolution such that "Only Members of the A-1 Officials Association, in good standing, having partaken as an official in the Division in question the immediate prior season/year (whether assigned games or not), and having selected the A-1 Officials Association as their PRIMARY Association for the Division in question, may vote in elections for that Division and subsequently at the Annual Meeting."

Bob Devereux moved to accept this resolution, Curt Baraco seconded the move and the motion was unanimously accepted by vote of all present.

Football:  Supervisor Tineo advised of the suspension and further probation of Tony Biersbach from the football division.  Such suspension for 1 year and further probation for 1 year for an incident at a Varsity game.  Football officials spoke with FHSAA about the incident, as well as the school in question and the parents of the child involved in the incident.  John Lavin supplied appropriate Incident documentation to  Dr. Jones of FHSAA.

Further discussion revealed a need to develop a stratagem around addressing missed assignments by officials.  There needs to be a recourse for Assignment Officers in this regard.  Such course of action should be in writing per Division.

Softball:   The Officers present welcomed new Supervisor of Officials Curt Baraco.  Supervisor Baraco advised there were no issues at present and no complaints from Schools.  As the softball season is approaching, he mentioned the need to set up an appropriate Training Program.

Volleyball:  Assignment Officer Steve Williamson advised that Volleyball was also at the midpoint of their season.   He advised that playoff recommendations have been sent to the State.  In other regards, everything is fine.  He also advised that he successfully held an online net meeting  with his members successfully.

Old Business:  There were no discussions in this regard.

New Business:   President Hannah advise Bucky Greene and George Hutchinson given until 10/25/10 to submit documentation to satisfy our attorney bill claim of $3500.00 plus 6% APR from May 2010.

R.J. Dyett was asked by President Hannah to advise of note he received from a friend at MCOA.  In this series of messages is intimates that discussion is ongoing of an attempt to create a sort of "Super" association to deal with FHSAA.  It appears this is in discussion stage at this points with no firm commitment from the state.

At 6:52 p.m. a motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Robert Devereux and seconded by Richard Kowalewski.  Motion was voted on by voice and approved.


Our association is sanctioned by the Florida High School Athletic Association, the governing body for interscholastic athletics.

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