16 October, 2011

Second Quarterly Meeting

Opening:  President Hannah opened the general membership meeting at 4:00 PM. She introduced the Executive Board Members. All Board Members were present except for Softball Supervisor, Curt Barraco, Vice President, Steve Bruno and non-board member, R.J. Dyett. All were excused.

Secretary's Report:  Secretary, Vance Harris advised of no incoming or outgoing correspondence. He, as Arbiter Administrator, reviewed procedures for recalculating travel, prior to pay cut requests. There were no minutes from the previous meeting, as it was not an official board meeting with established protocol followed.

Treasurer's Report:  Treasurer, Bob Devereux presented the current financial information. The current balance is $32,049.31. He also reviewed the current accounts receivables, which are $12,746.00. Bob presented each division with its current balance sheet.

Individual Division Reports.

Baseball:  Supervisor, Mike Orr and Assigner Bill Donohue revealed their interactive work with school administrators and baseball coaches. They are working on reconciling differences and improving A-1s image with their respective sport. President, Hannah directed all sports' managers to keep the Executive Board members informed on all correspondence between sport supervisors and school personnel, as well as inter-corporate communications between management and officials.

Basketball:  Basketball Assigner, Alan Hannah reviewed their preparedness for the upcoming Basketball season. He forecasted that A-1 would secure the Holiday Sunshine classic tournament.

Football:  Assigner Lavin advised of an official, who has not attended any meetings other than to get his books. He has not been assigned any games because of his lack of participation, and has requested a grievance hearing, and has threatened to suit A-1. This will be followed up on January 15, 2012. John expounded on the current football season's progress and his views, for the division, for the upcoming State playoff picture.

Softball:  There was no report from Softball, as the Softball program is not active during this time of year.

Volleyball:  Supervisor, Deane Booth reviewed the current Girls' Volleyball season. He advised of eight new officials and their outstanding progress. A-1 has eleven crews submitted to work State level games.

Old Business:  The issue of the $20 A-1 membership fee was brought to the floor for discussion. Treasurer, Devereux revealed his thought plan for establishing the rate. A motion was brought forth to bring the issue to a vote for acceptance. The motion was duly seconded and voted upon. The measure was accepted unanimously.

New Business:  No new business was presented to the Board.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:34 PM.

These minutes were transcribed from live audio recording. They were prepared by Secretary, Vance A. Harris.



Our association is sanctioned by the Florida High School Athletic Association, the governing body for interscholastic athletics.

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