A-1 Officials Association, Inc.
2nd Quarterly Meeting
5 October, 2009

Meeting is called to Order by President Martha Hannah at 6:00 p.m.  Meeting is held at President Hannah's home.

Roll Call: Those in attendance are Martha Hannah, Richard Kowalewski, Robert Devereux, John Lavin, Kim Hannah, Alan Hannah, Ed Cobb, Steve Williamson, Mike Orr and R.J. Dyett.  Those not in attendance were Vance Harris, Chip Patrick and Alberto Tineo.  It is mentioned that in the excused absence of A-1 Association Secretary Vance Harris that Vice President Richard Kowalewski would be recording meeting minutes and prepare them for record.

Treasurer’s Report:
Treasurer Robert Devereux submitted an Aged Receivables Report, as well as an Account Reconciliation Report closing out the period to September 30, 2009. This report details a General Ledger Balance of $65,629.58.  Treasurer's report was moved for acceptance by Ed Cobb and seconded by John Lavin.  Voice vote accepted the report.

Secretary’s Report:
Minutes from the first quarterly meeting held June 24, 2009 was read into the record by Vice President Richard Kowalewski.  Move to accept minutes by Robert Devereux, seconded by Steve Williamson.  Voice vote accepted minutes

At this point, the meeting moved onto individual Division Reports.

Baseball: Supervisor Mike Orr advised that baseball is not yet in season.  The Organizational meeting is being planned for sometime in December.  Division training meetings will begin in January.  Supervisor Orr advised that the Baseball Division would sell collared golf shirts with the A-1 Insignia fort $15.00 to baseball division members and that the division would pay for embroidery.  Discussion ensued relative to the supplier of these shirts and availability to other divisions.  Assignment Officer R.J. Dyett advised he already is in possession of 1 school's baseball schedule.  Volleyball Assignment Officer Steve Williamson advised that all Volusia Public Schools would be in the 6A Class for the upcoming baseball season.

Basketball: Assignment Officer Alan Hannah inquired about shirts from the Baseball Division leadership.  Alan Hannah also advised that meetings were to begin shortly for Basketball as the season is quickly approaching.  Treasurer Devereux has asked that Basketball Invoices to client schools go to the schools as close as possible to the season to avoid many schedule corrections.

Football: Assignment Officer John Lavin advised that we are at the midpoint of the football season and all is going well.  There are not a lot of complaints from client schools by either Coaches or Athletic Directors.  He further advised that nominations for playoff crews would need to be developed and worked on the week of October 12.  One of our games from September 30, 2009 was the game of the week featured on Brighthouse Networks; the first such broadcast of a Volusia County High School football game in many years.  John advised that the division is 62 members strong but that the plethora of games on a Friday night earlier in the season necessitated bringing in 1 crew from the North Florida Officials Association to help out.  Assignment Officer Lavin further opined that many of our client schools should go deep into the FHSAA playoffs this year.

Softball: Supervisor Kim Hannah advised that Softball was not yet in season.  Supervisor Hannah advises that on 11/5/09 a meeting will be held as a combined last year meeting and Organizational meeting for the coming season.   A-1 Association President Martha Hannah at this point advised that both members of the Softball Division that are currently suspended are in fact still suspended.  President Hannah further discussed the need to elect an Assignment Officer at the meeting as the State (FHSAA) has called advising that Coaches and Athletic Directors want to discuss scheduling tournaments.  Supervisor Kim Hannah advised this would be part of the meeting and further advised that the Softball Division is losing 7 officials from last year's membership.  She further advised that the Softball Division now tentatively has 16 members.  A-1 President Martha Hannah advised then that A-1 may have to contract out Softball officiating for our client schools if our Softball Division did not have enough members to cover requested schedules.  Supervisor Kim Hannah has asked schools for tentative schedules and advised of her confidence that the Softball Division would be able to provide officials for client schools throughout the season.

Volleyball: Assignment Officer Steve Williamson advised that Volleyball was also at the midpoint of their season.  Of the 24 officials in Volleyball, it looks like 22 will be assigned to District Playoffs and 14 are recommended to FHSAA to officiate the State Tournament.  Steve also advised that this year the Volleyball Division has their largest number yet of Women Officials.  Assignment Officer Williamson advised that there was 1 problem with Atlantic High School not adding a game to the season schedule.

Volleyball Supervisor of Officials Ed Cobb noted that he has received very positive comments from Coaches and Athletic Directors concerning the season so far.

Old Business: Ed Cobb is working on Contracts.  Treasurer Devereux advised he will get with Supervisor Cobb as we are in year 3 of  the 3 year contracts we have with client schools.  Mike Orr will work with Kim Hannah and Robert Devereux in regard to the By-Laws.  No meetings yet as Mike is examining issues that need to be discussed.  Supervisor Orr advised he will send an email to all Board members concerning issues he would like to discuss and also solicit feedback from all Board members on issues they feel need analysis and possible discussion.  A short discussion ensued on the need of grievance committees at the Division level and their possible redundancy.  The A-1 Procedures Manual was brought up and all members were asked if they had a copy.  No one does.  John Lavin will call Ray Parker to see if he still has one.

New Business:
A question was asked concerning what information should be forthcoming to members asking about the impending litigation.  It was determined to advise those that ask that Bucky Green is suspended from the A-1 Officials Association for a period of 3 years and that George Hutchinson is suspended for 1 year.  Those individuals are to have no dealings with Softball or the Softball Division.

At 6:52 p.m. a motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Robert Devereux and seconded by John Lavin.  Motion was voted on by voice and approved.

Minutes prepared by Vice President Richard T. Kowalewski in lieu of Secretary Vance Harris

Our association is sanctioned by the Florida High School Athletic Association, the governing body for interscholastic athletics.

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