A-1 Officials Association, Inc.
400 Clyde Morris Blvd.
Daytona Beach, FL.

4 January, 2010

Purpose: Third Quarterly Meeting for 2009-10 School year

Meeting is called to Order by President Martha Hannah at 6:00 p.m.

Roll Call:

All Board members were present except Softball Supervisor, Van Vitale. He was excused due to a medical issue.

Treasurer’s Report:

Bob Devereux informed the Board of present balances and reviewed some outstanding receivables for possible future action. Advised Board of pay cut successes. Treasurer’s report was accepted as stated.

Divisional Reports:

Baseball- Supervisor, Mike Orr advised the Board of the upcoming Baseball season’s progress. He noted that the meeting schedule had been posted within the Membership and the meetings would be held at Warner Christian Academy.

Basketball- Supervisor, Chip Patrick advised the group that the Basketball season was progressing as planned and the Christmas Tournament was a great success. There were no outstanding issues to be resolved at this time.

Football- Supervisor, Alberto Tineo advised of playoff assignments and elections party. Tineo and Lavin were reelected to serve as Supervisor and Assigner respectively for the 2010,11 school term. Tineo advised that a sufficient number of officials were registered to work Flag Football in the spring.

Softball- Assigner, Alan Hannah advised that there are 32 officials registered. He updated the Board on the general situation within the Softball membership. At the present time all is quiet.

Volleyball- Assigner, Steve Williamson advised that, most likely, there will not be any schools that will field Boys’ Volleyball teams this year. He advised that the group was very positive and reviewed a letter of praise from one of our clients. Many of the group’s officials were able to work post season during the Girls’ season. Supervisor, Ed Cobb advised that Steve Williamson was again voted in as assigner for another two year term.

Old Business:

Contract Chairman, Ed Cobb that the new contracts had been mailed to the school in duplicate. One of the copies was to be signed and returned. Five or six had already been returned and signed. He advised that a follow up would be enacted shortly.

By-Laws Chairman, Mike Orr enlightened the Board as to the progress being made on updating and streamlining our by-laws. President Hannah requested that the present by-laws being posted on our website are outdated and need to be removed from public access. Secretary, Harris agreed to handle this task with Tinker Graphics.

New Business:

President, Hannah advised the Board on the status of legal actions against A-1. She stated that the attorney for Greene and Hutchins wanted the suspensions lifted or reduced. She was presenting this to the Board for consideration. After much debate, it was decided that the suspensions would be served as directed. It was also decided that any reinstatement, after time served, for either of the two would be predicated on the reimbursement to A-1 Officials Association for any Court costs and Legal fees we incurred in defending ourselves in this legal action

After much debate it was determined that there would be no reduction or adjustments, on the part of A-1, in the application of these suspensions. It was further emphasized that any reinstatement to them being in good standing would be precluded by reimbursement for legal expenses.

Secretary’s Report:

Secretary, Harris reviewed a change to Arbiter with the Assigners. Minutes from the October 5 and October 28 meetings were presented for approval and approved.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:10 PM

Minutes were transcribed from live audio recording of this meeting. Minutes prepared and submitted for approval by Secretary, Vance A. Harris


Our association is sanctioned by the Florida High School Athletic Association, the governing body for interscholastic athletics.

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