A-1 Officials Association Board Meeting
January 14, 2008 Started: 4:02, Adjourned 5:16

In Attendance: Stan, George, Martha, Alberto, RJ, Steve, Alan, Bob, Vance, Brian , Chip, Mike
Excused: Ed, Unexcused: John
minutes of last meeting read by Brian, accepted
Bob, everything overall balanced
- requested by Bob that we use the same companies for awards, and other awards to get better rates
- treasurers report will be accepted at next meeting
Basketball: best season ever to date according to Chip and Alan
Football: welcomed new supervisor of officials Alberto Tineo, #1 playoff crew went 5A state final
Volleyball: getting ready for boys volleyball
Softball & Baseball: schedules are set, season is ready to go
Old Business
website, all old info needs to be updated
FHSAA reimbursements - 7 out of 10 reimbursed so far
cleaned up active/ inactive list of officials for JLA and our records
JLA is still yet a joke
New Business
payroll is moving smoothly the way each division wants it done
for gas mileage to go up with the prices of gas going up
****Voted to raise $15.00 per travel, passed*****
End of Meeting


Our association is sanctioned by the Florida High School Athletic Association, the governing body for interscholastic athletics.

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