12 June, 2011

Annual Meeting 

Opening: President Hannah opened the general membership meeting at 2:07 PM. She introduced the Executive Board Members. All Board Members were present except for Softball Supervisor, Curt Barraco (unexcused), Football Supervisor, Chris Vahey (unexcused), and Volleyball Assigner, Steve Williamson (unexcused).

Elections:  Ed Cobb conducted the elections.

  • Treasurer:  There were no nominations for this office other than incumbent Devereux. He was placed in office by acclimation for a two year term. This term will expire in 2013.
  • Vice President:  Steve Bruno and David Mozingo were the nominees for this office. Steve Bruno was elected by secret ballot to serve a two year term. This term will expire in 2013.

Treasurer's Report:  Treasurer, Bob Devereux presented the group with the financial status of the overall organization. His report was made available for viewing to members. The report was duly accepted as presented.

Secretary's Report:  Secretary, Vance Harris read the meeting minutes from the previous annual meeting held on June 13, 2010. The minutes were duly accepted and set to record. Harris, as Arbiter Administrator, reviewed The upcoming Arbiter fees and how they are negotiated for a bottom line figure with Arbiter. Treasurer, Devereux also contributed with his input. Harris agreed to investigate Ref Pay.

Individual Division Reports.

Baseball: Supervisor, Mike Orr reviewed the 2010 Season, including playoff and State assignments. Assigner Bill Donohue was introduced to the Board. Newly elected, his term will expire in 2013.

Basketball:  No report from Basketball as their final report was posted in the previous meeting.

Football:  Assigner Lavin made his annual appeal for more officials. He advised of preparations for the upcoming Football season. He also suggested that we need to establish a better dialogue with the schools' Ads with the intent to become better business partners.

Softball:   Assigner, Alan Hannah spoke about the successes of the past season.

Volleyball:  Supervisor, Deane Booth reviewed the past Volleyball Boys' season.

Old Business:  There was no old business to discuss.

New Business:   Secretary, Harris queried the group on how to get members to show up at annual meetings. The best suggestion came from Mike Zaffuto on how to handle this dilemma. It was decided that each division would develop a point system for those who attend divisional and general meetings. These accumulated points would have impact in members' schedule assignments.

The meeting was Adjourned at 3:21 PM.

These minutes were transcribed from live audio recording. They were prepared by Secretary, Vance A. Harris.



Our association is sanctioned by the Florida High School Athletic Association, the governing body for interscholastic athletics.

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