Annual Meeting — June 7, 2007

River Grille, Ormond Beach

The annual meeting of the A-1 Officials association got underway with a social then into the business at hand, recognizing achievements and divisional information along with financial and elections.

President Vance Harris called the meeting to order at 7:05. He introduced each divisional supervisor and assigner. He also said that this is the association's 12th annual meeting.

Treasurer's Report
Treasurer Gary Wheeler presented the financial information on where A-1 stood monetarily. There were no questions from the floor regarding the statement. Gary took a moment to reflect back on his many wonderful years as treasurer.

Division Reports
Each of the divisions lauded individual accomplishments for the deserving officials in their reports to the assembly.

Contract Committee
Ed Cobb was asked by the Board to oversee the new contracts for the 07-08 seasons. He responded with 3 year contracts from all the schools that A-1 has obligations with. This is a new step for A-1 because every year to date travel has been year to year. No voucher schools anymore and travel has been bumped up $2.50 for all.

Other Business
It was learned that the FHSAA will be giving the officials tests online for the upcoming season. JLA will have no background checks, those on predator lists will not be eligible to officiate.

Votes on Proposed Amendments to the By-Laws

Arbiter Administrator
Vice President Martha Hannah took the floor to explain the role and position of the Arbiter Administrator. It was argues and debated, but voted on and it will stay until the Executive Board finds it necessary to make a change.

At the September 17, 2006 quarterly meeting the Board decided that if any of the Executive Board has to be vacated, it would be the duty of the President to appoint someone to fill that chair for the remainder of the school year. A permanent replacement would be elected by the General Membership at the next annual meeting. If the President’s chair needs to be filled the Vice President would assume the role for the remainder of the President’s duly elected term. The Vice President’s chair would be vacant during that period.

It was voted on, unanimous.

At the February 11, 2007 quarterly meeting the Board voted unanimously that the five Divisions would have the option of electing their leaders for a 2 year term. In order to maintain continuity, the officers would be elected on a staggered basis. To start the stagger, the Assigner would be elected first. The following year the Supervisor would be elected.

It was voted on, unanimous.

It was voted by the group on Vice President and Treasurer. Martha Hannah is voted in as Vice President again and Bob Devereux the new Treasurer, they ran unopposed.

Meeting concluded at 8:20.


Our association is sanctioned by the Florida High School Athletic Association, the governing body for interscholastic athletics.

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