A-1 Officials Association, Inc.
Fourth Quarterly Meeting
26 April, 2009
Location: Hannah Crematory
Daytona Beach, Florida

President Greene opened the meeting at 3:00 PM.

Roll Call: All present, except Orr, Lavin, Tineo, A. Hannah, and Patrick. All were excused.

Treasurer’s Report:
Treasurer Bob Devereux advised all of the present account balance. He reviewed outstanding accounts receivable with the respective Divisions. The Treasurer’s Report was accepted.

Secretary’s Report:
Minutes from the Board Meeting held on 25 January, 2009 were presented to the Board for approval by Secretary Harris. Approval was granted by the Board.
Harris also reviewed some Arbiter logistical problems with Arbiter and recommended actions for improvement.

Division Reports:

Football: President Greene, in the absence of Football Leadership, reviewed Flag Football and Spring Football Classics’ progress to the Board

Baseball: Assigner, RJ Dyett reported on the progress of the Baseball season. He reviewed the Baseball Division’s donation of field time to the JV Tournament, held at Jackie Robinson Ball Park. He also apprised the group of the success of the baseball State clinic.

Volleyball: Steve Williamson advised the Board that there were only 2 schools  participating in Boys’ Volleyball and that the season was winding down.

Softball: Kim Hannah reported that the Softball season was progressing well and was coming to a close very shortly.

Old Business:
President Greene reported on the progress of setting up the Annual Meeting. June 14 was chosen as the date. The Division Street Park and Gym was chosen as the site. Alan Hannah was selected to chair this event.

President Greene selected Volleyball Supervisor, Ed Cobb to chair the contract committee. Contracts will be up for renewal in 2010.

New Business:
President Greene advised the Board of a Football official who registered with the State as a Softball Official. This official chose not to work Softball and thusly, did not pay his Softball registration dues.
Kim Hannah advised the group that she discovered the situation through audit. She requested that the official be suspended from A-1 A motion was carried forward and approved narrowly by hand vote. President Greene advised the Board that he would contact the official and advise him of the suspension and his course of appeal.

George Hutchins was appointed to be the elections chairman for the upcoming annual meeting.

Meeting was properly adjourned at 4: 50 PM

Minutes recorded and prepared by Secretary, Vance A. Harris.

Our association is sanctioned by the Florida High School Athletic Association, the governing body for interscholastic athletics.

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