Quarterly Meeting — February 11, 2007

Those in attendance: Vance, Martha, Gary, Brian, George Stan, Mike, RJ, Steve, Ed, Kyle, excused were John, Alan and Chip

-minutes from the last board meeting were read by Brian and accepted by Ed, 2nd by George

-Treasurer's report read by Gary, showed income statement and breakdown of what each school had paid to A-1, accepted by Martha, 2nd by Stan.

President's Notes
-A-1 has 3 old computers that are being donated to the ATC school on Williamson Blvd., there is no need for these computers because they 6 to 7 years old, these are to be delivered by Steve

-business cards are to be given out to members so new members can be recruited

-JLA is still a problem with Volusia and Flagler counties

-all is flowing smoothly with the FHSAA.

New Business
Ed said all is fine, the division is getting ready for the boys season starts March 1st

F lag football is getting underway, John Lavin was appointed to the assigner position to take the place of Rich Kowaleski, who took a new job in the Philly area, Kyle said that more officials are still needed, and wanted to know about the situations with the contracts with the schools of when they are sent out

Stan, preseason was a wash once again this season, to my umpires are blocking critical dates

Mike, preseason training is over, field clinic was rained out, 4 pre-season classic games were played, the issue of umpires being reimbursed for referring someone

-Tabled- the matter of refunding dues til April meeting.

Old Business
-The tabled issues of 2year Supervisor and assigner staggered, sport by sport decision

+proposal+ 2 year terms of assigner and supervisor staggered, 1 year for assigner to start the stagger

*motion by Steve* each division to stagger or just use 1 year terms

^amendment to Article 3 Section 3 to change to stagger, ok by George and Steve

Vote Unanimous

Business in General
-contracts, contract committee needs to be established for contract language and other terms and agreements

-Mike learned that FHSAA will start all tests for all sports will be online for starting next year

Meeting adjourned at 5:50.


Our association is sanctioned by the Florida High School Athletic Association, the governing body for interscholastic athletics.

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