Jessica Lunsford Act (JLA)

All sports officials must comply with the JLA and pass a background check. If you are cleared in one county, you are cleared in all counties in Florida.

Cost and Instructions

5-Years: $82.00
Link: Volusia Coutny Jessica LunsFord Act (JLA) Information
Vendor Code/JLA #: JLA0004582


Fingerprinting Services: Fieldprint

FAQ Link

Step 1) Setup a Fieldprint account.

Step 2) On the 'Reason' page select "I know my Fieldprnt Code"

JLA Field Print Reason

Step 3) On the 'Fieldprint Code' page enter fpvolusiacounty as shown below.

Field Print Reason Code

Step 4) Complete the information on the 'Personal Information' page.

Step 5) Complete the 'Demographics' page.

Step 6) On the 'Additional Information' page enter JLA0004582 as shown below.

Field Printer Additional Information

Step 7) Complete the 'Employer' page as shwon below:

1994 Spruce Creek Circle N.
Port Orange, FL 3212

Field Print Employer

Step 8) Complete the 'Schedule Your Visit' page

Field Print Scheudle Your Visit

If you have any questons or concerns with your initial sign-up please contact for assistance.

Our association is sanctioned by the Florida High School Athletic Association, the governing body for interscholastic athletics.

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